The Genie greets you... Welcome or in my dialect “Shopee lobeek”

I Would Like To Start Introducing e-expo Which Means The Online Exhibition.

e-expo website & application was created to be the dream city portal that fulfills the wishes of everyone who lives in it, this electronic city is a large & varied gathering of exhibitions that are based on buying & selling products or services from all over the world, with basic exhibitions that are constant & varied throughout the year & there are other exhibitions that are held seasonally or Through a group of innovators & creators who have products & services that they want to present to the public at different times & various projects that suit people's tastes & needs.

Are You Ready To Know The Wishes That Come True? Yes, You Are Ready When You Decide To Continue Reading These Lines ..

Anyone who enters the e-expo world is entering a region that has no limits of creativity, goals & wishes. For example: You can shop from all kinds of exhibitions with products that you may not get at times in external stores or malls, they are made & created by a group of people with a passion at work they work from home or from offices & small workshops for you to enjoy a shopping experience like no other.

Or If You Like To Become A Merchant Yes... The Customer Can Be A Merchant. How Is That

Simply, you can go on website, choose open booth button & apply for an application then you will be answered within a working day. You will have a booth with products displayed with pictures, prices & all details. All you have to do is look for something to present & promote with passion & leave the rest to us, therefore you become a customer buying what you like & a merchant selling what you want at the same time.

Add to that applying to open a booth is a free process, whether you are a customer buying & paying for your purchases or a merchant. Opening booth is free & fees are only for selling process.

Now You Are Thinking Of A Way To Promote Your Products If You Have A Booth?

The innovative marketing in e-expo makes it easy for you to promote & advertise, customers can follow your booth to get all the offers & notifications you share. Also, booth story will display everything you want to present or promote.

Additionally the renewable seasonal exhibitions For example (coffee exhibition, Ramadan, ice cream, national events) that are held throughout the year & for a limited period allow you to present new products or make discounts or promotions .. 

Constant basic exhibitions offer is available as well for you to promote your products

Did I Helped In Introducing e-expo

Now start shopping & become merchant to live in the electronic dream city. Good luck

It is said that the genie only gives 3 wishes, but here the number of wishes is open. Just work hard & shop with pleasure. For any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us

Your Loyal Friend Genie