Privacy policy

An Introduction

The site and application of "e-expo" owned by Shield & Spear Advertising and Marketing pays great attention to maintaining the privacy of the service applicant in accordance with the customary legal requirements related to data collection, transmission and processing.

Once the site and / or the e-application are used and after the approval of its terms and privacy policy, the information provided by the applicant is subject to use and participation by e-expo and all its affiliates and to participate in providing the service directly or indirectly.

"e-expo" will not collect any personal information unless it is voluntarily submitted by the applicant or member and will not use this information except in connection with providing the service for which such information is provided.

e-expo will not sell, exchange, rent or publish this information to others and will not disclose this personal information to any government agency except as required by law or by any third parties unless the information is authorized.


"e-expo" does its best to maintain the safety of the site and the application without any guarantees and thus needs to help the applicant or member to participate in maintaining the maintenance of the site and application security through:

- Do not load viruses or other malicious code.

- Do not ask for login or access to someone else's account.

- Do not post any personal information to other people such as their addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail address or the like without prior permission from them.

The nature of the information collected

The information collected and stored by e-expo includes the information provided by the applicant when requesting membership and the information that the applicant or member participates in through his use and service request.

When the service applicant records his data in the fields required to fill in the site and application, in order to complete the registration process and application for membership, "e-expo" to save, transfer and store information.

This information includes: triple name, address, email address, mobile phone number, landline number, billing, gender, nationality, date of birth, user name, password, site purchase invoices, credit card information including Bank name, card numbers and card numbers, shipping addresses for different locations.

e-expo reserves and stores the information that the applicant or member participates in through its use and request for service, for example, not limited to the wish list, history of previous operations, all activities within the scope of the site and the electronic application, information Which are provided to subscribe to the latest offer service, notices on email, mobile phones or newsletters, comments and assessments for all products and services provided, images and texts, and also through the use after registration E-EXPO saves and stores the address of the computer Used, geographic location, user navigation system, the operating system.

e-expo also stores and stores personal information and contact information related to other people that the service applicant has entered or shared on the site, the application and the information of persons wishing to benefit from the service.

Your browser (cookies)

Because e-expo relies on the latest technology policy, it uses cookies on its website by keeping the information and data recorded on the system's hard disk so that the user can be identified as a user without requesting login information. And facilitates the entry process.

The cookies do not work on the cultivation or distribution of viruses and have nothing to do with hacking. It is a tool for storing data and facilitating use only. In case of revocation, the service user may not be able to use all or some of the characteristics of the website.

5.Scope of use of information

The main purpose of the collection of information is limited to providing the service, including facilitating the purchase, delivery and collection of products, analyzing and evaluating all details related to the shopping process such as the market and its sectors, products and customers, analysis of purchases,Complaints and problems, improvement of all services, content and system of use, sharing this information with the company's management and employees in the management of the site and the electronic application and companies affiliated to the company and the companies and subsidiaries and the joint service and support offices to complete the buying and selling and all private banking institutions Which relate to the collection and collection of money in all forms of currencies allowed within the local and global state and the technical support team for the management of the site and support companies for support.

The site and application of "e-expo" store and store this information to customize, improve and enhance the services provided to its customers such as the search for products or services that match or similar to the profile of the member and his interests, to be provided for him, monitoring and analysis of usage, product comparison with other product sales, Statistics based on the usage history of the service, frequency of visits and use of services, development and improvement of the service environment, implementation of e-expo obligations and enforcement of rights arising from any contracts concluded between the parties including billing and collection.

The e-expo website will store and store this information in order to communicate with members via e-mail, landline or mobile phones, including smart phones and electronic applications for products, services and events. , To inform the user of the existence of any feedback, for purposes of feedback and evaluation of the service, for the purpose of sending promotional messages and seasonal offers, to inform the applicant of changes to the website or any products or services available on it

The site and application of "e-expo" save, store, record and document all conversations and correspondence that occur between them and between members where the type to develop customer service and quality control In the event of abuse of any means of communication with the site or any other party, the company reserves the right to Take all necessary legal action.

Disclose or share information

e-expo reserves the right to disclose and share the information collected to its affiliates, associates, companies and persons directly or indirectly involved in providing the service to any third party in the event of merger, liquidation, restructuring, reorganization, resolution or otherwise. Such as the sale or transfer of some or all of the assets of the company Shield & Spear, whether the current order or as part of bankruptcy or liquidation or the like.

e-expo provides its subsidiaries, associates or companies involved in the provision of its services and products, and provides financial institutions locally and internationally, regulatory institutions in the country and legal and judicial institutions competent to monitor and detect fraud and any other party, "Are necessary to facilitate the process of service delivery and prosecution of infringers.

e-expo is also obliged to disclose any information that it has in compliance with any court order or legal orders and requests, including response to any governmental or regulatory request.

Procedures for information protection

e-expo shall take all reasonable measures to protect, prevent, or prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of any or all of the information and protection against piracy and computer viruses. e-expo stores information on the company's servers and deals with it in a professional manner in terms of the encryption mechanism followed and conceal the password and physical protection from any violation of its privacy by unauthorized persons.

e-expo stores all data and personal information through the use of SSL technology in cloud stores or private storage devices.

Disposal of personal information

After the cancellation or cancellation of membership by the applicant or by e-expo, only personal information including the name, contact addresses and bank information stored in the electronic file formats is deleted using technical means that make the information non-refundable. Personal information printed on paper records, printed matters and documents is to be destroyed by shredding or burning.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to change, renewal and increase, all of which will contribute to the improvement and development of the efficiency of the privacy of information at e-expo and will be notified to the user or the member by e-mail registered with e-expo.

If this policy has been read or has not been read and approved, this is an express acknowledgment by the applicant of the service or member of all the particulars mentioned in the policy.

"e-expo" invites the service applicant to read the Privacy Policy accurately and anonymously, so that he has the necessary information before the use of the site and electronic application, and that "e-expo" bear the applicant or the member full responsibility resulting from the submission of any false data or incorrect data And reserves the right to take legal action and to take such action as it deems appropriate to close or freeze the account.