Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-expo?

Is an e-commerce platform designed to provide a suitable environment for start-ups and medium-sized enterprises that make their operations a unified management. In addition to providing customers with an integrated e-commerce platform, the customer can enter a new experience in the shopping world, New or promotional offers throughout the week and today.

How can I use the site and application?

Through the use of the website or application either from the EOS system or Android or through browsing through personal computers.

What payment methods are available?

Through Knet, Visa and MasterCard inside and outside Kuwait, as well as direct payment (Cash) within the State of Kuwait only

What is the approved currency?

Kuwaiti Dinar within the State of Kuwait.

Are payment methods safe?

Yes Absolutely secure and is certified by Knet through an official agreement to use the payment service.

What exhibitions are available?

Clothing Exhibition - Perfumes Exhibition - Exhibition Accessories - Food Exhibition - Care & Makeup Exhibition

Are there other exhibitions in different sectors?

Yes, in the future in the event of the opening of any new exhibition will be announced, God willing.

Is it possible to buy from several exhibitions and the application is one operation?

Yes, you can choose what you want and place it in the shopping basket and the customer service department will arrange and distribute your orders according to the availability of the product.